A coal or shungite filter?

 Water is the basis of the Earth's ecological system, the source of life. The quality of water depends on the health of the whole planet, but frequent pollution is a real threat, both for nature and for man.
The trend of a healthy lifestyle has taught people to take care of the cleanliness of the products consumed, their quality and the purity of the water. Many houses use carbon filters - the simplest and most common means. A distinctive property of such a filter is the ability to absorb gases and odors. Fortunately, scientists are always on the lookout and are discovering more and more effective and safe substances.
For example, everyone knows that chlorine and organochlorine compounds are added to running water to disinfect water. These substances not only have an unpleasant smell, but also have a negative effect on the body, so the water has to be constantly boiled and filtered. Recent studies of the antioxidant properties of schungite against organochlorine compounds and free radicals have shown that shungite works 30 times more efficiently than activated carbon. The release of free radicals from water occurs much faster. Constant influence of radicals on the human body is the cause of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the water that you and your family use.
Also schungite has a high sorption activity to the pathogenic microflora, in other words - disinfects drinking water, kills the E. coli. Scientifically established that fullerene, located in the shungite, is the most powerful and long-acting natural antioxidant, hence, the key to longevity. The mineral can be used to prepare drinking water from both the flow system and the well.
Which filter for the preparation of drinking water to choose - it's up to you. You can find the golden mean and let the water through the shungite - carbon filter for maximum confidence in the quality of the consumed liquid.