Soap from the elite shungite

Our skin requires careful care. She is constantly exposed to physical stress: she has to take in the gassed city air, undergo different weather conditions and continuously perform her vital functions. Therefore, we must create all conditions for rest and nutrition, to prolong the beauty and youth of the body.
We suggest you create a unique tool based on elite shungite crumbs. To make soap at home, you will need the most common baby or just hypoallergenic soap without perfumes, milk and powder of elite shungite. A piece of soap should be rubbed on a fine grater or thoroughly chopped with a knife, fill the resulting shavings with a prepared container. Fill the container with hot water, close the lid and shake well, so that the water dissolves the chips. Leave the mixture for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally until the soap chips are completely dissolved. Pour milk and powder of elite shungite into the dissolved mixture. Transfer to a container for liquid soap. Initial proportions of soap products: hot water: milk is 1: 1: 0.5. Shungite powder is added at your discretion.
Elite shungite contains more fullerene particles, so it is chemically more active. Fullerenes are powerful antioxidants that suppress the oxidation of free radicals. The process of withering the skin is caused by the formation of such molecules. Antioxidants are substances that purify the body of damaging molecules (radicals). As a result of numerous oxidation-reduction processes aimed at the normal functioning of all organs and systems, unnecessary free radicals are formed.
Daily use of soap based on elite shungite crumb will help the body to get rid of oxidation-reduction products faster, which means that you are provided with a fresh and healthy look!