Water treatment of elite shungite


set-categoty1Water treatment is a process of various purification of water: treatment from harmful impurities, bad odor, clarification, improvement of qualities. That is, the transformation of water into drinking water. This is certainly engaged in public services, which take water from natural sources and deliver it to our apartment already processed. However, this water is often treated so much that all the beneficial natural qualities of such water are also absent. This water is simply safe and at the same time useless.
If your goal is not only to eliminate thirst, but also to improve the body through saturation of the body with water and beneficial microelements - pay attention to the unique stone from the north of Russia - shungite. Elite shungite stands out among the schungites especially: it is a stone with a high content (up to 98%) of carbon extracted manually. This stone is easy to determine even in appearance: the rock gleams with a metallic sheen, like a piece of metal in front of you.
This stone has unique properties, and differs in its chemical structure from all terrestrial minerals. Its crystal lattice contains special components of the carbon matrix - fullerenes. In essence, these are hollow spheres that can be filled and operated as natural antioxidants. Carbon composition of shungite provides absorption of toxins, electromagnetic radiation, heavy metals, radionuclides, microbes and bacteria.
Useful properties of elite shungite are widely used in cosmetology and medicine, including using shungite can be used to prepare useful drinking water.
To prepare shungite drinking water at home, you will need a bag of shungite stones or a bag of shungite powder, which must be lowered into the water. 300 grams of elite shungite is enough to prepare 4-5 liters of drinking water. Elite shungite reacts with water immediately, but to achieve the most powerful effect it is recommended to insist water for drinking about 2 days. Finished water is poured into another container, leaving a sediment (about 0.5 liters), then rinse the shungite stones or rinse the shungite sand pouches for next use.
Shungite water is transparent, purified of bacteria, heavy metal impurities and harmful organic substances. Shungite water can be used as a drinking water. And also for cooking for the whole family.