Ornaments made of shungite

 Since ancient times, jewelry has been given special attention. Each accessory should not only have an aesthetic appeal, but also carry positive energy in itself, and, even, be the guardian of its owner.
Noble mineral shungite, being unique in its kind, meets the needs of the most exquisite ladies. Ornaments from shungite look noble and attractive, can be a noticeable accent in any image. Just imagine how pleasant it is to carry a mineral, whose age, according to some sources, is about two billion years!
In addition to aesthetic appeal, shungite provides solutions to a number of other problems.

For example, the daily wearing of such accessories normalizes the work of the whole organism, regulates the state of the biofield, which is constantly exposed to attacks in society. Even the simplest decorations can alleviate the headache, relieve insomnia and chronic fatigue and generally strengthen the body.
Do not forget about the shielding properties of this mineral and its unique chemical structure, thanks to which you get protection from the effects of electromagnetic waves and geopathic influence.
In ancient times, a black mineral was used by girls to make noble water, which made their skin noticeably cleaner and younger. They made talismans and amulets for themselves and their husbands in order to protect their families from troubles. It was believed that a man with a shungite stone, has a unique power.
At present, the traditions of the ancients continue, various talismans and amulets are made. People, keen on this occupation, put shungite in the rank of special, irreplaceable minerals. Such talismans provide a person peace of mind and protection from negative influences.