Ice Shungite


Ice cubes beautifully sparkle in a glass with a cocktail, cool the drink and please aesthetically. But the ice melts quickly. Water begins to change the taste of the drink itself, and not only cools it. And now in a glass quite another drink - not an elite whiskey, for example, whiskey with tap water. Agree, this is completely different.

Such trouble will not happen, if instead of the usual ice take cooled shungite cubes. Shungite - a strong mineral and well withstands the cold, first accumulating it, then giving it away for a long time. Shungite ice cubes do not crack from use and temperature differences, they will last for a long time, pleasing their owner. Well-processed shungite will not spoil glasses, will not scratch glass.

Do you prefer hot drinks? For warm cocktails, for example, Christmas mulled wine, shungite cubes should be heated enough and they will keep the drink hot for a long time, even if you relax with a mug of invigorating drink in the snow-covered forest.

Do you like long meetings with a cup of coffee or tea? And here shungite cubes will be useful to you. Preheated they will give a warm drink for a long time, warm it, warming you.

But schungite mineral is not simple. Entering the interaction with the liquid, disinfects it, charging positively, without changing the taste of the drink.

During the holidays, when we are looking for a gift for loved ones, pay attention to this set for drinks: a stylish, elegant and, of course, a useful gift, will be a pleasant surprise for both the head of high rank and for a close person.