Nowadays, the cosmetic market is full of variety of products for every taste and purse, it is very difficult to make the right choice. Probably, many constantly move from one brand to another in search of the ideal means for your hair.
That is why, we suggest you familiarize yourself with shungite hair shampoo.

After all, shungite is a unique mineral, thanks to its fullerene structure, it has curative, bactericidal properties, it cleanses the skin and eliminates skin diseases. It is also a powerful antioxidant, contributes to the slowing down of hair loss, binds free radicals, the action of which is detrimental to hair and skin, strengthens the roots.
In view of the upcoming holidays, we have prepared specially for you gift sets of three kinds, which you can familiarize with on the site. In one set includes a shampoo based on shungite water for daily use and all types of hair.

Shungite in the composition improves the microcirculation of the scalp, saturates with useful substances, prevents the destruction of the structure of the hair. In addition to shungite water, wheat proteins are used. It is a protein fraction of wheat grains, it moisturizes, regenerates and softens hair, nourishes the scalp. It has an instant restoring effect, delivers the amino acids inside the hair, thereby strengthening its structure. As a result, the elasticity and strength of the hair increases, the fragility decreases by 80%, the mechanical resistance increases and the resistance to chemical and physical influences increases. Also in the composition there is collagen. Its benefits have long been appreciated. Collagen is a part of connective tissues, provides strength and elasticity, is a specific protein, therefore it also contains essential amino acids.
Shampoos based on shungite water have long been recognized in the international market for environmental safety.