Making concrete with the addition of shungite rocks

 When building a house you have to take into account many factors: strength, stability, reliability, thermal insulation, as well as a favorable effect on a person. All these requirements can be met by shungisite (an artificial porous material obtained by firing shungite-containing rocks containing a large amount of metamorphosed organic matter). Such a material is used to fill concrete. The use of shungit rocks in the production of gravel can solve the problem of building panel houses. There are already enterprises that manufacture concrete panels filled with shungizite. The use of such screens in the construction of buildings ensures reliability and durability, as they are not subjected to corrosion processes, they are resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal influences. From the point of view of ecological compatibility, they do not cause any questions, do not carry and do not emit harmful substances, unlike popular cheap construction materials.
Having a developed porous surface, shungizite provides a high degree of thermal insulation. Its use is suitable for covering floors in residential or factory premises. In addition to high resistance to abrasion, fire safety, such a floor will reliably protect against electromagnetic interference. The mechanical stability of shungite rocks is a positive factor during transportation over long distances.
Shungizite is considered environmentally friendly. Does not burn, does not sink, does not rot, is durable. The use of shungizite as an artificial porous filler allows to solve such problems: supply of concrete production material, which has no access to raw materials bases for the purpose of claydite gravel production; reliable transportation of raw materials in the winter season without the risk of freezing of shungite crushed stone.
Studies of shungite crushed stone in 2007 showed that physical and mechanical properties make it possible to use shungite-bearing rocks during construction, additional covering of motor roads and railways.