Shungite for cleaning well water and sewage

 At present, one of the ways of water supply available to society in the countryside is a well or a well. It is indispensable for satisfying all natural needs: drinking water, a source for watering plants and much more. Therefore, it is very important to know that the water in your well has a clean composition, without harmful impurities. And, therefore, properly clean it. Do not mistakenly believe that the well water is purified by itself. In addition to dissolved and suspended impurities, bacteria live in groundwater, which multiply rapidly, die and decompose, forming sulfur-containing compounds. Such compounds have an unpleasant odor and negatively affect human health. One of the most important operational characteristics of a well is constant water renewal, that is, an irregular intake of water provides accumulation of harmful substances, unpleasant odor and opacity of the liquid.
One of the means of cleansing well water is shungite. It contains up to 64% of carbon and about 70% of silicates, it also has a porous structure and a high degree of adhesion, chemical stability, which makes it a unique sorbent. So it is able to purify water from oil products, pesticides, organic impurities, bacteria. Shungite rocks also have good electrical conductivity, which indicates the ability to purify water, even from heavy metals. These properties make shungite a promising material in the field of purification of drinking water.
Having an idea of ​​the catalytic properties of the mineral, its activity and duration as an adsorbent, it is worthwhile to present it as an effective means of purification of sewage and industrial pollution. As an example, in industrial wastewater treatment systems, at the stage of settling waste, as a filter, at the initial or final stages. It is advisable to use a shungite filter instead of sand in the stages of water purification, as it possesses a number of unique chemical and physical properties, not only purifies water from aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorine-containing compounds, alcohols, but also destroys organic substances to elementary oxides.
The use of a shungite filter not only can provide high quality water, but also economically feasible.