Merkaba - harmonizes the spirit and body


Merkaba is the energy field of a person, uniting the mind, heart and body. The mission of Merkaba is to establish a balance and harmonize the needs between the spiritual "I" and the earthly, physical "I". This word consists of 3 concepts: Mer is light, Ka means spirit, Ba (or Ba) is the human body. All together means rotating light, transferring spirit and body from one world to another. In Hebrew, Merkaba is the "Throne of God" or "The Throne of God."

Merkaba is graphically a three-dimensional image of the star of David. The secrets of Merkaba were first described in the ancient book of mankind - the Bible, as the throne of the Lord God. In the Kabbalah, Merkabu is called the Chariot of Light, the Flower of Life, a symbol of the secret sacred geometry.

Merkaba is an ascending and descending energy pyramid or, in other words, ascending and descending currents: destruction and creation, death and rebirth.

Merkaba in stone is a tool for self-immersion, learning and healing. The powerful influence of Merkaba on the body and on the energy body of a person changes not only the physical state, awakening hidden forces, but also changes destiny, karma, aura, reveals internal resources. Traditionally, Merkabu in stone was used as a means of curing patients, for protection from negative energy effects (spoilage and evil eye), liberation of the spiritual and physical body from everything bad and contrary to human nature. Merkaba helps to connect with his higher self, eliminating fears and doubts, adjusts the person in such a way that he himself is aware of himself as the creator of his own line of life, his own destiny. An amazing fact, but the strengths of this world literally do not let go of their Merkaba, as if they do not let their fate out of their hands. For example, the pop idol Madonna is inseparable with her amethyst Merkaba either day or night. And the founder of Microsoft Microsoft Bill Gates is a happy Merkaba owner from a blue diamond.

Merkaba of shungite is a unique magical object, carved from a single piece of rock. This merkaba is suitable not only for carrying with you, but will become a decoration and protection for the house, as well as a tool for cleaning and charging water. Merkaba changes the space around him: gives strength, relieves pain, improves well-being, in short, changes the quality of life, acting on the physical and astral body of a person, directs the life streams in the right direction.