On the threshold of winter, many people with trembling expect the first snow, beautiful snow landscapes and, of course, the approaching holidays. But the less time remains until the end of the year, the more worries appear, both at work and at home. The body suffers not only from domestic stress, but also from a lack of vitamins. He needs time to rebuild to winter regime, gain strength. The power of the work of our body must be increased and maintained in such a difficult period. Fast-onset fatigue on the need for extra charging, rest, requires an increased amount of vitamins.

Practice shows that a person can not pay attention to themselves and their health in order. In the fight against fatigue, such means as coffee, cigarettes, energy drinks are usually used. Instead of walking in the park - the evening before the TV. This rest is illusory, that is, it does not saturate you with new forces. Above all, stay honest with yourself. If the type of vacation you choose does not fill you, help - look for other options.

I would like to offer one of the types of relaxation at home. Note that to rest at home is better in unpleasant weather for you. If in the street the sun, then run the whole family for a walk!
If now there is rain outside the window and there is no desire to do anything at all - we are gaining a bath, but not a simple one, but a shungite bath. On the ways of preparing a shungite bath you can read in our other articles. Do not forget about relaxing music or a book that has long been betrayed to read. After taking a bath, scented candles and candles are lit, we pass to the massage of the feet with the help of shungite stones. Let me remind you that for this you simply pour pebbles into a container, cover with water and proceed to massage by walking on them. It's very important music that will sound. I dare offer you the first string Mozart quartet. According to one famous culturologist-educator "this music is a colossal antidepressant. It is clean, soft, extremely beautiful. "

Massage can be replaced by working with harmonizers. Harmonizers are objects that restore the energy bio-field of a person and harmonize the surrounding space. Their main task is to restore balance and activate the body's work. Working with them relieves fatigue, stress, headaches and improves the general condition. Take the shungite harmonizer of Yin energy to the left hand, and Yan to the right. Take a comfortable pose, relax all muscles, turn on enjoyable music. Put your hands with the harmonizers on your knees, close your eyes and concentrate on your own sensations. The duration of the procedure is from 5 to 15 minutes.
Do not forget about your health, relax, look for new interesting activities!