Spa - procedures at home

 Beauty recipes have long ceased to be secrets. Every girl knows that the guarantee of a good state and external attractiveness is a full-fledged dream, proper food and a good rest. If the first two points are clear, then the third one can cause controversy and misunderstanding. What does this "good rest" mean? Is there "bad"? Yes, it is important to understand that rest should not only your psycho-emotional state, but also the whole body, every cell of the body. Free time should be spent with a careful approach and as efficiently as possible. It is desirable to connect and health procedures.
Probably, it is very difficult for many to find time to devote themselves to the whole day. For example, go to the spa for massage, wrap, aromatherapy. Financial difficulties also have a place, and this way of holding a day off can significantly affect the family budget. Fortunately, at the present time, there are many ways to conduct expensive salon procedures at home, without much expense.
One of the types is wrapping. Perhaps many not only heard about it, but also periodically practice. This procedure is very popular due to its simplicity, availability and efficiency. Let us consider in more detail its types and functions. Most often, the wrap is used as an additional means for losing weight. But even for girls who do not have excess weight, this therapy will be useful, since it restores skin tone, saturates it with useful microelements (depending on the composition of the mixture applied), moisturizes and oxygenates. The temperature effects of wraps are divided into cold and hot. In the composition of cold, most often, enters menthol. Hot wraps - Preheating the mixture before use.
Components for the preparation of a mixture are used very differently. Depending on the desired result, it is necessary to pay attention to this or that product: all kinds of cosmetic clays, chocolate, honey, coffee, tea, herbal preparations, various oils and shungite.
If your goal is not only losing weight, but also saturation of the skin with useful substances, toxins withdrawal, intensification of regeneration and, possibly, removal of inflammatory processes, the shungite-based wrap should densely enter your life. The composition for this procedure can be done independently. Just need to mix the fine schungite with water and cosmetic clay, as well as add juniper or fir oil. The mixture is ready! Apply it to the pre-heated skin: the effect of scrub, massage brush, light self-massage. After applying to the body, wrap the food film and a soft, warm cloth. Leave for 30 - 40 minutes. The procedure should be repeated every other day, 7 - 10 sessions.
Give yourself and your health more time and forget about fatigue!