Is silver more precious than gold?


In this article, we will try to understand the advantages and differences of elite shungite. First of all, it is a noble stone. Its value can be compared with gold: rarely found in nature, has a unique composition. But someone will say that gold can not be compared, for example, with silver and this is also a valuable metal. Undoubtedly, this is a matter of taste and preference. So with shungite: someone is important for the black color of the stone, for someone brilliant, iridescent.

Since pieces of elite shungite are extremely rare, their cost is much higher than usual aspidum. Some specimens bring great pleasure to collectors, some rare trophy of a kind. On sale you can often see small semi-precious stones, trinkets and ornaments. Products from the elite shungite can rightfully stand in line with the precious stones.

A little depth in the chemical composition. The mineral contains about 98% carbon (compared to shungite rock, which contains up to 64%), about 1.5% nitrogen and oxygen, 0.5% hydrogen. Also in the composition include: silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, aluminum oxide, iron monoxide, magnesium monoxide. Due to the increased content of amorphous carbon, the rate of formation of fullerene particles increases. In turn, fullerenes are used in medicine, electronics, rocket construction. In the domestic plan, they are indispensable for purifying water, increasing its antioxidant properties. Daily consumption of water, which is infused into the shungite, activates the immune system, raises the energy state, restores the composition of the cells.

You can use elite shungite the same way as usual: clean water, take shungit baths, practice foot massage and cosmetic procedures. But do not forget that the structure of the mineral is more powerful, it should be treated with caution. He has practically no contraindications, people suffering from cancer should consult with a doctor.

Remember that on the Internet, there is a high probability of stumbling onto a fraudster. Often, the seller issues an entirely different mineral for the elite shungite. The authenticity of the stone indicates its electrical conductivity. Address to the verified suppliers, do not buy fakes.