Man and stone


From the early youth of mankind, even from the moment of its inception in the immediate vicinity of man there was a stone. The stone vaults of the cave protected the primitive people from the weather and sheltered them from danger. Until now, stone is considered to be the strongest building material. Built of stone house looks monumental, reliable. The stone inspires confidence. Our attitude to the stone is expressed in speech. We say: "stand with an impregnable rock" or "like a stone wall," meaning, reliability or grandeur.

In the modern world, stone is used in construction no less than centuries ago. Why is that? Mankind has invented a huge amount of other building materials, but the stone does not give up its positions. There are several reasons for this. The strength and durability of the material speaks for itself. Made of stone will serve for many decades. The second reason - the aesthetic pleasure of communicating with the stone. Each mineral is unique. In each lies the beauty of nature. And strength. This is the third secret. The strength of the stone in one way or another is felt by each of us. The stone seems to be feeding people with its energy, which was taken from nature, accumulated over many centuries, while the breed was being formed.

Having a wide choice in building materials, people are increasingly choosing natural ones. But the stone of the stone is different! When choosing, use the principle of "do no harm". Do not hurt yourself first. The house is the place where we spend most of our life. The house must be safe. Correctly act those who for the construction and facing work choose the Karelian shungite. This unique material has not only strength, reliability and beauty. Shungite will protect the premises from harmful emissions of electrical appliances (computers, telephones, microwave ovens, televisions, etc.), creating a general health-improving atmosphere. Studies of Soviet scientists prove that shungite, having a unique carbon composition, is a very environmentally friendly building material, which is scientifically confirmed by modern scientists. The carbon-rich shungite is a powerful adsorbent capable of purifying from heavy metals, toxins, pesticides and radionuclides. The use of Karelian shungite not only in the strength and durability of the material, not only in beauty and versatility. Shungite is a unique mineral for everyone who values ​​their health.