Shungite: How to distinguish from forgery

Some argue that shungite helps, others do not find anything special about it. Why the opinions of people who tried to use shungite radically diverge, while specialists from different industries claim that the chemical composition of shungite is unparalleled and really unique, applying it in various fields, including military medicine. The answer is surprisingly simple, as in the folk proverb: not everything is gold that glitters. And not every black stone can be considered shungite.

High-quality shungite is produced only in the Republic of Karelia, here it is worth buying or ordering from local companies without using the services of third parties: save your budget and be sure not to come across a fake. The composition of the shungite is different. Healing properties have a mineral with a high content of carbon. Such shungite is extracted in the Zazhoginsky deposit in Zaonezhie.

This shungite has a black saturated color. If the shungite product is polished, then on the surface you can see the metallic sheen characteristic of this stone. Also there is a gray, ashy or whitish stone, but do not expect miracles of recovery, not the chemical composition. Most likely this "gray cardinal" is shungit shale, which does not possess the natural qualities that shungite. Products from shungite shale are sometimes called shungite, but even the appearance gives this forgery.

The easiest way to check the quality of shungite is to check its electrical conductivity. Shungite is electrically conductive, which is also its unique property. At home, you will need a regular battery (9 volts), 2 wiring and a light bulb. Connect these elements one after the other. If the light bulb caught fire, then you have a real shungite, ready to serve for your health. And from forgery it is better to safely get rid of - they will not bring any benefit. At best, these are beautiful baubles.


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Now you can at any time check or demonstrate to others the shungite for electrical conductivity.