Shungite for foot massage

To all mankind for a long time the curative force of walking barefoot on stones for a long time is known. On the foot there are special zones, each of which is responsible for the organ or even the system of the human body. A man walking barefoot on stones, grass, not noticing that massages a lot of internal organs and causes blood to circulate evenly throughout the body. Do not forget that this is also a very pleasant procedure, which is perfectly complemented by pleasant music. Not every one of us will take medications to simply increase the efficiency of the immune system, improve the psychoemotional state. Walking on stones is a great way to fill your body with health. A significant benefit for the feet themselves, because in the process of such walking they start working those bones and joints, which in everyday life are not involved.
In addition to stones, it is worth paying attention to dewy grass. In the short days of summer, it is worth a stroll in the park, the forest, in the country house in the morning or in the evening, on fresh dew. But after walking, you must wear dry shoes to avoid hypothermia. Absolutely healthy people can make long walks without harm to health, and with any diseases - no more than fifteen minutes a day.
If you can complain about constantly cold feet, walking on rocks or grass will undoubtedly bring great benefits, as this is a great way to improve the body's thermoregulation and excellent hardening without stress.
Undoubted benefit will bring a walk along the stone beach. This is how you get a full-flow point foot massage. In no case should you miss this opportunity on vacation near the sea.
But do not forget that in our bustling world it is very difficult to get out of town or on vacation, so "stone" massage should be arranged at home. To do this, you need to take shungite crushed stone or shungite crumb, pour into a basin and pour warm water - and your massager is ready. Also shungite is able to relieve pain, favorably affects the musculoskeletal system, charges the body with energy, increases efficiency, eliminates fatigue.
 Go to health! The duration of the procedure is no more than half an hour, but daily and better - all the year round.