Stone therapy

In ancient times people always attached great importance to stones. They believed that stones can absorb bad, unhealthy energy and sate the good. They were used to treat wounds, relaxation. Even during the battles, the soldiers carried certain stones with them. It was believed that they give extra strength to the fighters and guard against serious injuries.
Currently, the beauty and health industry is gaining momentum procedure-stone therapy. In everyday life it has the name - massage with warm stones. Even one session of such a massage relieves back pain, relieves fatigue, and also charges a person with positive energy. Studies prove that this type of massage is more effective than others. The heat and useful substances of the stones penetrate the back surface favorably affecting the central nervous system, restoring the psychosomatic state, increasing the work of the immune system, improving blood circulation.
Do not forget that on the person's face there are many points, affecting which you can improve the performance of certain internal organs. For these purposes, stone therapy is also suitable. Plus, the effect of stones on the skin of the face, as a consequence, rejuvenating it and improving the appearance.
The choice of stone is the basis of this therapy. It is necessary to pay attention to the mineral properties, the effect on man, the energy of the stone. An excellent option for massage and reflexology may be schungite. Healing properties of this mineral have long been studied by scientists. An experiment was carried out proving that when contacting the human body, shungite facilitates pains of a different nature. It is recommended for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, skin diseases, abdominal pain. Shungite is a home helper, which must be in every home.