Shungite baths

Water is the strongest natural solvent. Shungite, hitting the aquatic environment, enters with chemical interaction with water. Water, infused into the shungite, is purified from various harmful organic and inorganic substances (phenol, benzene, pesticides, chlorine, heavy metals, etc.), as well as bacteria. This was noticed back in the 18th century. By the order of Peter the Great, all soldiers were required to wear in the backpacks pieces of "slate", that is shungite, and during the campaigns put them in the pots for disinfection of drinking water.

But shungite not only disinfects water and makes it suitable for drinking and cooking. Now shungite water is actively used by many medical, spa-sanatorium and cosmetology institutions for medicinal purposes. Shungit baths have proven healing properties: they improve blood circulation, have a beneficial effect on the skin, including the healing of wounds, abrasions, postoperative sutures, and have a general cosmetic and healing effect. The bath with shungite water restores the strength of the body, strengthens health, calms the nervous system, brings emotions into balance.
Shungite baths are the best remedy for stress.

Prepare water for a shungite bath at home is very simple. To do this, you need about 70-210 grams. elite shungite in a bag. Turn on the hot running water, rinse and squeeze the shungite pouch. When the bath is scored - leave a bag of shungite in the water for a while, until the water becomes pleasant to the body. The second way to prepare a shungite bath will require more time - 2.5-3 liters of water should be insisted on shungite 3 days. Steady on shungite water is added to the bath, mixing with running water.
It is recommended to take shungite baths for 10-20 minutes, not more often than every other day.