How to drink water properly

A person is 70% water, which we learned in biology lessons. And, of course, we saturate the body with moisture from birth. But how to drink water correctly? And what water to drink, and from what it is worth to refrain?
Water is the basis of all life. Therefore, drinking water is recommended throughout the day, beginning in the early morning, from the moment of awakening. In the morning, on an empty stomach doctors recommend drinking a glass of water - this river was heard by many people, some perform it, but only a few do it correctly. It is not necessary to forcibly push a glass of water into the body that has just woken up. Shock therapy and only! First you need to rinse your mouth with water, clearing bacteria. Do not swallow this water. It will not bring anything useful to the body. Only when you feel fresh, oral receptors are "awake", you can start drinking water with you. Again, not the whole glass in one sitting. Dehydrated overnight, the organism should be dampened with small sips, feeling this life's elixir to taste. In the morning the water norm is 250-300 ml. It is this amount that will allow the body to restore balance after sleep (anhydrous period), will give strength to the body for the whole day.
Sometimes by drinking water people understand the intake of any liquid. "I drink a big mug of coffee / tea in the morning," they say. Implying that moisture in the body gets enough. But imagine how you need to work the body to process coffee, but he will not get water even with great efforts. Complete overstrain, increased work of all organs of the digestive system, kidneys, liver, and eventually caffeinated drinks only contribute to the removal of fluid from the body. Therefore, the first drink of a new day should be exactly water. Clean water.
Usual boiled tap water is not the best option. But to prepare medicinal water for the beginning of a new day it is possible and at home. This will help you shungite filter. Shungite - a mineral of black color, consisting of 90% of carbon, has a unique composition. Shungite not only cleans water of impurities of heavy metals, harmful organic substances, but also has a bactericidal effect, saturates the water with useful trace elements. Such water will help not only to maintain the body's water balance, but also will support immunity, beneficially influencing the general condition of the whole organism. Drink water wisely! Drink to your health!