The biolocation pendulum

Today we will learn how to choose a biolocation pendulum and apply it correctly.
What is it? The pendulum is a suspension in the form of a cone. It was created to give answers to those questions in which you are overwhelmed by doubts. To use it is very simple, to the asked question he answers categorically "yes" or "no".
To begin with, you need to choose a pendulum for yourself, because their choice is very diverse and can not be lost with such a purchase. It is worth following the following rules: the accessory should attract you, be accessible, that is, do not require a long delivery. A pendulum made of schungite is ideally suited to all these requirements. The plus is that shungite carries a lot of useful properties and works well with the biocurrents of the human body.
So, the pendulum is in your hands, but how can you work with it? The main thing in any business is to relax and have a positive attitude.
First, "get acquainted" with the purchased accessory. The first week just carry it with you, girls can use as a full-fledged decoration, hang on a beautiful chain or thread, and men should be carried in the pocket of a shirt or jacket.
A week later, you can conduct your first experience. Preliminary draw on a sheet of paper a circle, divided into 4 parts, for ease of orientation. The pendulum must be taken into the hand for the free end of the chain, while you must be relaxed, and the arms and legs should not be crossed. The pendulum should not be impeded. Arrange the pendulum suspended above the chain, above the center of the drawn circle. Further ask yourself a question, the answer of which is 100% "yes", observe the movement of the pendulum and mark the point "yes" on the circle. Do the same operation, but with the answer "no". You can also note the answer "do not know", at your discretion.
When working with personal issues, it is advisable to prepare them in advance. A large number of questions require careful study. And do not ask the pendulum questions that you do not want to know.
The pendulum pendulum from shungite is an excellent tool to find answers to long-standing questions!