Shungite pyramid

The pyramid is a common architectural form, inherited from ancient civilizations. The pyramids were built like religious buildings: temples, monuments, tombs. Energy pyramids repeat the pyramids of architecture. It's not a secret that pyramidal structures have healing and stimulating properties. At the heart of the pyramid is the principle of the golden section or harmonious division. Proper geometry sets not only aesthetic pleasure, but also allows you to concentrate and redirect energy.

The material from which the energy pyramid is made is of great importance. The greatest force of influence is possessed by pyramids made of Karelian shungite, a stone with a unique chemical composition, with a high content of carbon. Pyramids of shungite have a wide radius of energy influence. The impact of one small pyramid covers an area of ​​a radius of up to 5 meters. That is quite sufficient for one room in a normal apartment or office.

With the help of the shungite pyramid, there is a general cleaning of the room. Shungite is able to shield electromagnetic radiation from electrical appliances, relieves irritability and nervousness, protects the house and family from negative energy, improves the quality of life, revitalizes and improves efficiency. The pyramid of shungite is also able to reduce rheumatic and headaches, relieve swelling and anesthetize bruises - it is enough to apply the pyramid to a painful patch.

How to be treated correctly? The pyramid is applied to the sore spot with a base. The broad side accumulates, accumulates negative energy, taking away the pain, redirects it from the person, leading it through the top of the pyramid. It is not recommended to apply the shungite pyramid to the heart, this can provoke more heartbeat and hanging pressure. The treatment session of anesthesia should last from 10 to 15 minutes. To relieve fatigue, resentment or anxiety, restore the energy balance, it's enough just to hold your hand on the top of the shungite pyramid, that is, to take a positive flow of energy from a unique mineral. Also, pyramids are used in meditative practices, receiving positive energy through the top of the pyramid.