Shungite Jewelry

 Merlin Monroe said that the best friends of the girls are diamonds. Every woman dreams of looking good and being in the center of attention, so the love of beauty in the beautiful half of humanity is literally encoded in genes, and family jewelry is passed down from generation to generation. However, who thought about how decorations affect their mistress? It turns out that metals and stones are not only able to be beautiful and complement the image. Stylish designer jewelry can also be a curative! It's amazing, is not it?
Elegant imitation jewelry: earrings, rings, pendants with Karelian shungite suitable for everyday use, and for the release of light. Shungite is a mineral of coal color, and black fits all without exception. Not for nothing is considered classics. In the East, the black color symbolizes goodness, purity, perfection, nobility and experience. In our tradition, it is associated with mystery, mysticism and magic. However, the magic of black Karelian mineral can be expressed in a chemical formula, and explain the healing properties not only from the mystical, but also from the medical point of view.
Shungite is a healing stone. The oldest mineral on Earth contains hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, but almost 90% consists of carbon, and this is its uniqueness. Its useful properties are included, first of all, in the ability to absorb harmful substances from the environment and to protect them from electromagnetic radiation. The owner of an ornament from shungite imperceptibly for itself restores the vital forces. Shungite improves tone, improves immunity and stress resistance, gives health. Bijouterie with Karelian shungite will be a good gift not only for beautiful ladies, but for the stronger sex, the main thing is to choose the right one by making a "health stone" your patron saint for life.