Description shungit as elite breed

Shungite attracts many people and it is no coincidence, as this elite breed that has the most remarkable qualities. There is not just an ordinary shungit, but it is still a luxury. How do they differ we will deal in this article.
Shungite breed is famous for its remarkable healing qualities that help people over the years, and as we know, all thanks to its chemical composition. The human body is simply necessary fullerene, which is extremely useful in all respects. It is because of this and there is a huge number of use cases shungit.
Describe all the species.
Elite shungit, he's special, selected, really getting better, due to the fact that it has even more fullerenes than simple shungit. In conventional rock shungite carbon constitutes from about 30 to 50 percent when the indicator reaches elite stone 94%.
Due to its high content of carbon and it is considered elite. It is very difficult to search, why it is so highly regarded. But benefit from it can get tens or hundreds of times more than from anything else.
Elite shungite rock never sold as souvenirs, crafts and more. It must sell in bulk. Prices per gram increasing every year very quickly. Since mineral disappears and consumers at him very much. Look for it from year to year is becoming increasingly difficult. To get a big chunk of the elite shungit, you need to sort out a few tons of the ordinary.
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