In this section we will try to figure out what should have shungit density

Most importantly, what has shungit is its density. The average density of the mineral shungite can be about 2.25 - 2.84 grams per square centimeter. Now you need to figure out what should have shungit density to be perfect? Definitely give an answer to this question is impossible, since it is necessary to rely on other essential characteristics - it has a porosity, compressive strength, elasticity, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. And you can not miss a chemical compound that in determining also plays a very important role.
Whether significant mineral density shungite on its application and use?
Some believe that the density shungit hard enough can affect its performance. If you opt for what you need it, you need to select a different mineral density. Is this true ?! The most important thing is isolated shungite rocks, that's what it is - a brilliant and matt gray. Due to precisely this variety, and each will have different characteristics, properties and quality. Only from this and will depend on what is best for what purpose choose.
The composition, which has a brilliant shungit (Elite shungit) the amount of carbon is 94%. 1.9% of the weight allocated to the general with oxygen and nitrogen, and 0.8% - by hydrogen. Ash content of the rock are generally not exceed 2.2%.
Matt gray shungit has a similar structure, but the characteristics will differ. For example, the amount of carbon (carbon) which has shungite will be approximately 64%. The content of nitrogen and oxygen - 3.5% and the hydrogen content reached 6.7%. The ash content of rocks can reach 3.3%