Harmonizer shungit - what is it?

Let's see what harmonizers, since so many manufacturers offer such an interesting piece. And what they do, how to use them.
Harmonizer used for a long time, in ancient Egypt, but they were called completely different "staffs of Pharaoh." The modern name "harmonizers" they have received relatively recently and came into general use.
Harmonizers used to improve life energosposobnosti and brought it to the level of harmony, when human consciousness becomes one with the universal mind, begins the absorption of information from the higher forms of consciousness. Higher forms of consciousness here are the spiritual guides of man. Harmonizer were at all times, they were used by different people, but each had its own name and use, but the effect was the same for everyone.
As used harmonizer in everyday life.
People actively use harmonizer and in everyday life, because of its extraordinary benefits, they are on almost obsolete .. How to use them ?! You need to hold this magnificent "stick" in the hands during a certain period of time. At the time when a man holds a harmonizer in your hands, fully restored energy and even getting her even more. Such a state will contact you within 24 hours. After this time, you can repeat this procedure.
After harmonizers passed a long way before our time, experience has shown that it is best to make shungit. It's the most wonderful material that helps to promote their functions ..
If you purchased harmonizers as a cylinder, it will absorb all the negative energy completely. Make only positive emotions. All the people who value their health, regular care about it, harmonizers shungit essential.
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