Shungite: magical properties

Magical properties possessed by schungite breeds have become very widely used nowadays. The properties possessed by shungit does not have more than one stone, not a single fossil. Virtually all of the beneficial properties of scientists have described and given scientific explanation. But in this article, you'll find for yourself something new. What magic have shungite rock ?!
Many people believe that not all the magical properties are still known to man. And even scientists can not give an explanation for everything. And precisely because shungit quantum region of real magic. Believe it happened already in people a long time, according to it's space rock and came out of the collision of Earth with a planet Phaeton.

  • Shungite mineral helps to ensure that the person has found inner harmony, improve sleep, found the energy flows and neutralize negative energy in any room.
  • Shungite introduces new powers to any plans and ideas to fruition.
  • Many people believe that just makes shungit favorable changes in family matters (love).
  • Most people acquire jewelry and talismans in the form of a ball - they bring calm and peace in the family, the cube - contributes to success in business and financial matters. Souvenir in the form of a pyramid promotes inner peace, peace. Cures for many diseases.

Thanks shungit can solve many problems, ranging from internal, mental, to chronic diseases. This is truly a valuable stone, which is not in vain so popular and people love.
Shungite has and many other useful properties.

Gorgeous, useful properties, which has shungit still very much. For example, people believe (and this is quite proved) that has the properties shungit protection from electromagnetic radiation emitted by the cell phones, TVs, tablets, computers and other electronics, which are widely used in daily life daily. To help protect yourself from these emissions, it is necessary to buy a souvenir from shungit. Some people come to this thoroughly. Already in the construction of the house, a mixture that is made from shungit.