How shungit helps to massage the feet.

Shungite used in a very broad goals. It is useful for the body, helps to cope with all sorts of diseases, it is used in agriculture, food, cosmetic purposes, and more. But it is also very popular to use schungite rubble for foot massage.
To perform this procedure, namely, foot massage shungit rubble, you will need cardboard or a piece of cloth. Cooking surface scatter schungite rubble and get up to it. If you are standing, you should sort out their feet 5 minutes, if during the procedure you are sitting, holding time can be increased. After this procedure, the feet are painted in a dark color, but it is easy to wash off thanks to a simple soap and water. After the massage legs feel refreshed and relaxed. But such a procedure has a tonic effect, so it is not recommended to carry out shortly before bedtime.
You will feel relax your muscles, leg pain is gone. And also, the healing effect will take place throughout the body.
This procedure can enjoy absolutely anyone. You can relax after a hard working day, hiking or just stock up on energy for the whole day.
People who suffer from disease in the legs, or just older - you must keep an eye on the pressure and time to pick up procedures individually.
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