What tricks to use to properly wash shungit

Quite an interesting question is how to properly wash Shungite mineral? Having read a lot of advice, literature, you've probably come across that in most cases the Council shungit rinse under running water and this should be sufficient. It must be remembered that because of the way you will wash shungit will depend on water quality and healing properties that you get in the end. In the case where a washing are negligent, there the water is cloudy, with some precipitation and impurities that strongly desirable.
Not to hurt yourself and properly treat washing the procedure you need to follow some rules.
First, you should leave shungit in water overnight. In the morning you will see the dirty water that must be discarded, as for any purpose is no longer suitable. This is followed by rinse with mineral (preferably in tap water).
Scientists claim to shungit was completely ready to use, you should rinse it under running water first and then boil it for 15ti minutes. This will help to completely clean the mineral of all unnecessary and harmful.
Many people do not take into account one very important thing that eventually shungit blackens and loses its medicinal properties. That the properties of the stone stays with you even more for a long time, it should be washed once a week with a solution of baking soda. Rinsing is done as in the first use. This procedure will help a longer time to use shungit mineral.
You can not lose sight of the fact that if you bought low-quality mineral, as it had not been washed, medicinal properties you will not get anywhere. It should therefore be particularly accurate approach to the procedure of buying the stone.
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