Shungite stone. On the beneficial properties and the choice of water

All properties that has shungit been known for a long time and have been widely used for many years. This mineral is not coming out of the application and to date. Many people insist water from shungit in the future, it is used for the treatment, prevention, and other domestic purposes. Quite a few are mistaken in thinking that shungit absolutely clean any water. It is not, he can not cope with certain bacteria, pollutants and harmful substances. Therefore, you should approach the selection of water carefully. In order for you to feel the full benefit of the felt of stone, it is necessary to take care of choosing the water.
Water can be divided into two types: alive and dead.
What is the water of life ?! - A kind of liquid, which has a large amount of alkaline compounds, and the percentage of acid is minimized. For this type include melt water, water from springs, artesian wells, sources rich in minerals, magnetized, silver, structured water.
What is a dead water ?! - Is an entirely different in quality water, in contrast to the living. It comprises the acid and the alkali substantially not. Water devoid of minerals (distilled), unstructured, passed through pipes with right angles, the anode water and liquids extracted from swamps and rivers - all these kinds of "dead" water.
What type of water should be selected to customize shungit ?! Of course, many doctors say that living water is much more useful. With this difficult not to agree. Some doctors use and dead water. But the best for you insist of living water to achieve the desired effect.
At the moment when you will make a choice, stop for a spring water. This infusion will have a truly wonderful, magical properties. You will not find it in the store and will be sure to drink a real treasure that wonderful effect on your body as a whole.
Most importantly, this acquisition shungit quality. In order not to get on the scam and purchase high quality product, we refer to our website, where you will find high-quality Shungite mineral.