How to properly and accurately to insist on the water shungit

Many people tell us how to do shungite water, but not many people know that the wrong approach, you may lose the best healing qualities of the mineral. At the wrong approach, you not only get the desired result, but also can hurt yourself. Let's look at what the most popular mistakes allowed the preparation of water.
1. Many of the lid. In order to keep the water had only quality and useful properties, it should incorporate not only those nutrients that contains shungite rocks, but also oxygen. When adjusting the water with the lid closed, it turns moldy, in this case to talk about the beneficial properties is not necessary.
2. The terms that must be observed, the majority do not adhere. All this is quite simple to explain. If shungit overexpose in water, it is oversaturated useful properties and become very concentrated, so that the same can be bad for human health. If you make a tincture with less time interval, the water may simply not have time to absorb all the useful qualities.
3. The use of low-quality water. Many people think that when in contact with water shungit kills all harmful substances. But it is not. Therefore, the better the water, the better the healing quality you get.
4. It is necessary before cooking water, rinse thoroughly with stone. Otherwise you will have water with impurities and color - cloudy. Agree, this water is not even drink nice.
5. And the most important rule. You should only use high-quality shungit to offer our online store. The quality we can guarantee you at 100. Therefore, you should only pay more attention to all the other instructions and not to neglect them.
people think that insist shungite water should be sealed with