How to use shungit. Shungite baths

A very large number of useful properties has shungite. But not all people know how to make it come to you with 100% benefit. Shungite baths - that's the most popular way. But how to do them correctly, and how they are so useful, many do not know. Therefore it is necessary to understand it in more detail.
To prepare a bath you have enough on average 150-300 grams elite shungit. Elite shungit must be put in a special pouch that you can prepare yourself from the tissue, or buy a ready product from us in the online store. Further, this bag with the elite shungite falls under a stream of boiling water. When the bath is ready (typeset), you need to put in there bag for 10-12 minutes. Then you need to press the bag and wait for the temperature of the water that you love.
You can already pre-prepared solution of water from shungite, it will also have all the useful properties. You will need 30 liters of water flowing at 3 liters of water, which insists on the elite shungit (tincture should be made within 3 days).
Such treatment elite shungit you can use for 10-15 days. Better to take a bath with a frequency of once every two days, and lie in it no more than 20 minutes. So we should not take bathroom for 2 ace to sleep.
  How useful elite shungite in the preparation of baths:
Elite shungit rich variety of nutrients that can be transmitted directly from a distance or applying it in drinking water, bath, etc. What benefit elite shungit bring you, if a course of treatment, basking in the bathroom?
  1.You will be able to quickly get rid of scratches, abrasions, wounds and postoperative sutures.
  2.Can you get rid of (as well as for prevention) of dermatological diseases (eg, mycosis, eczema, psoriasis, allergic dermatitis, and others.).
  3.Valid for rejuvenation (tightens the skin, get rid of wrinkles, etc.).
  4.Improves circulation, acts favorably on sleep, relieves stress and strengthens the physical and mental health.
With our online shop you can easily buy luxury shungit that you will need to prepare the bath. We are ready to give it to you in any quantity at the best price. After trying just such a procedure, you will not stop. Since only get the benefit, which will be visible immediately after application. To help and answer any question you can our consultants.