Shungite therapy for body

Shungite therapy is a new universal massage technique using natural stones, which is based on ancient Oriental rites and practices. The uniqueness of the technology lies in the fact that this therapy has a beneficial effect on absolutely any organism, regardless of age, gender and existing diseases.
The operating principle of therapy: Shungite stones are heated to 40 degrees Celsius. The high degree of thermal absorptivity of the material and its slow heat transfer, it is possible to massage a long time.
Regular therapy sessions to organize the work of the cardiovascular system, reduce muscle pain, relieve irritability and fatigue, help to get out of stress state, rehabilitated after a nervous breakdown. In addition, after the first session normalizes blood pressure, overall body and sleep. In the case of frequent colds, there is strengthening the immune system and lymphatic vessels. Just from the body toxins. Finally, increases skin elasticity, the water balance of the body and disappears cellulite.
This very pleasant therapy certainly will not leave you indifferent and you will want to take her again and again.