Shungite for youth and radiant beauty.

 Shungite is a real pearl of Karelia. This mineral is a real treasure containing the properties of a precious, aesthetically unique stone; a huge number of useful elements, as well as possessing protective, shielding and magical properties. The composition of the mineral is diverse: it contains many elements from the periodic system of Mendeleev. But an interesting feature is the ability of shungite to give into the water only those elements that are necessary for a living organism. Consider several ways to use the unique properties of the mineral to maintain natural beauty.
1. Bath with shungite water.
It restores the strength of the body, improves health, soothes the nervous system, brings emotions to balance. Shungite baths are the best remedy for stress.
Preparing water for shungite bath at home is very simple. For this you need about 250-300 grams. crushed shungite in the bag. Turn on hot running water, rinse and squeeze the bag with shungit. When the bath is set - leave a bag of shungite in the water for a while, until the water becomes pleasant for the body.
2. Regular washing with shungite water gives an amazing cosmetic effect: the face is cleansed, its skin becomes smooth, elastic, fine wrinkles disappear, acne, acne, peeling and redness of the skin. With daily washing with shungite infused water, its rejuvenating effect is observed.
   Rinsing hair with shungite water significantly improves their condition, significantly reduces hair loss, resists baldness, and also strengthens the hair roots, destroys dandruff. Hair becomes silky and shiny.
3. Wrapping is a procedure that restores skin tone, nourishes it with useful microelements (depending on the composition of the applied mixture), moisturizes and nourishes with oxygen. The temperature effects of wraps are divided into cold and hot. The composition of the cold, most often, includes menthol. Hot wraps - preheating the mixture before use, or containing mustard or pepper seeds in the extract mixture.
Composition for homemade wraps can be purchased at any beauty salon or cook yourself. Base mixture: shungite crumb, water, cosmetic clay. Additional components are made to the composition based on personal needs, most often it is natural organic oils (coconut, juniper, pumpkin).
The prepared mixture is applied to the problem area, having previously treated it with a scrub or a dry brush for the body. After applying to the body, wrap with cling film and a soft, warm cloth. Leave for 30-40 minutes. The procedure is repeated every other day, 7 - 10 sessions.