Another amazing property of shungite

Shungite rocks are an effective energy-saving raw material. The unique composition and structure of the mineral causes a high energy-saving potential. Due to the fact that carbon, which is part of shungite, is in a developed state and is in close contact with quartz, its activity exceeds the activity of coke. Shungite has a high density, electrical conductivity and a high degree of adhesion to many substances. Therefore, based on this mineral, electrically conductive dyes, building materials, asphalt concrete are created.
Electrically conductive shungite paints are environmentally friendly, do not emit any harmful substances when heated.
Electrically conductive schungite paints can be used to create infrared heaters of low power density (from 1 to 10 W / dm2). Such heaters are safe in the fire and burn respect. Experts believe that the use of infrared heating has a great effect of energy saving and significantly reduces operating costs.
Electrically conductive surfaces based on schungite paint can be used to create:
• Warm floors, ceilings and walls.
• Portable heaters.
• Local volume heaters (heaters in winter, heated storage boxes for vegetables, heated bottom aquariums, etc.)
• Electrofireplaces brick, painted on a brick paint, of any configuration.
• Antistatic and grounding surfaces in rooms and on buildings of various equipment.
• Fire protection of wooden structures under direct exposure to + 300 ° C.
The unique property of shungite is that this rock is non-magnetic, but electrically conductive. Shungite paint can be used for painting heaters, antistatic and grounding elements.