Overeating is an evil that can be easily defeated!

If your day starts with the best of intentions, but then you break down and eat a piece of cake brought by a colleague on your birthday, or dinner turns into a long absorption of the entire contents of the refrigerator, you should familiarize yourself with tips that will effectively cope with overeating.
First, try to determine the cause of overeating or the situation in which you regularly “plunge into the world of food” to find an effective way to deal with overeating. Remember why the last time it happened, what were the reasons.
5 simple rules:
1. Eliminate the temptations. Try not to keep at home in large quantities those products that make you want to eat a lot. If in the kitchen there are various all kinds of pastries - cakes with cream, cakes with whipped cream, strawberry ice cream in the freezer, then you will agree, you need to have a huge, truly iron willpower to keep from overeating.
2. Try to replace all high-calorie with healthy. For example, if the episodes of sudden hunger usually visit you as soon as you come home from work, it is better to have all non-nutritive and useful options for a small snack ready. It can be an apple, a cucumber before dinner, they will drown out the feeling of hunger, and also fill your stomach for a while.
3. Try to always drink water before eating. Gradually accustom yourself to the fact that before breakfast, lunch and dinner you drink a glass of water. In addition, it will be easier for you to perform the rate recommended by almost all nutritionists, as well as cosmetologists, one and a half to two liters of pure water per day.
4. Before eating any food, put them on shungite. This may be shungite rubble or shungite tile. After a minute of this simple procedure, you will receive a complete, healthy and healthy food for you.
Another important quality of food after they lie on shungite - a person begins to consume less food, and, consequently, the weight normalizes naturally.
5. No need to combine meals and any other activities. For example, if you both eat and watch TV at the same time, or surf the Internet, then most likely, you simply will not notice that you have eaten enough, and the feeling of hunger is gone.
To combat overeating, you need to focus on what you eat, in the process itself. Then you can be content with a small amount of food, completely saturating your body, and without overeating at the same time, without loading your body with extra sugars and fats.