Protecting the skin of the hands. Effective methods


What makes his age in a man? Not the face or even the hair, but the skin of the hands! Windy winter is an ordeal for delicate skin of hands. Protect it from the adverse effects of extreme cold and temperature extremes in order to avoid peeling, redness and microcracks.

• Wear warm gloves!
 Winter hand care starts with warm gloves. Be sure to wear them every time before going out. This is the best and most reliable prevention of excessive dryness of the skin, its deeperness and the appearance of peeling.

• Use a nourishing cream.

Light moisturizer for hands will have to leave until next spring, because it is not suitable for winter skin care. Need cosmetics with a high concentration of fat in the composition. This is a nourishing cream with a more dense texture. The "right" makeup perfectly moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin. The tool can be used before going out (for 20-30 minutes) or as needed, when there is an unpleasant feeling of dryness of the skin. As a nutrient, an excellent cream based on finely dispersed shungite .. Its composition is additionally enriched with vitamins, oils, extracts of natural ingredients. Shungite-based cream penetrates deep into the epidermis layer, relieves inflammation, eliminates dryness, and nourishes the skin with useful trace elements. With regular use of the cream with shungite, the circulation of oxygen in the cells increases, metabolic processes are normalized, and the rate of skin regeneration increases.

• Hand hygiene.
Microcracks formed on the hands of frost, give access to infection and chicks can appear. Therefore, special attention to cleanliness of the skin, but simple toilet soap is not suitable in the winter season, as it dries. Special cream gels and even just liquid soap in combination with warm water will fit better.
After frost, do not warm under hot water, due to temperature changes the skin becomes more vulnerable.
• Soft peeling brushes.
In winter, hand care does not hurt to turn on the scrub. It will help to remove the strong peeling on the skin, soften it. In addition, a nourishing cream after the use of scrub will "work" much better.

Do not forget that your beauty is in your hands!