Drinking mode for children

Drinking mode - an important point in the diet of the child. In young children, nature itself regulates the process of fluid exchange.
For a child, water plays a big role. He drinks more than an adult, of course, in terms of unit of body weight. For example, an adult weighing 60 kg needs about 30 g of drinking water per 1 kg of his own weight, a child weighing 10 kg needs 100 g, and an infant weighing only 5 kg needs at least 150 g of water per 1 kg of body weight! It is important to consider the level of activity of the child. If he is involved in sports, the daily water intake should be increased by about 07, - 0.8 liters. Boys, due to their physiological characteristics, should drink 10% more water than girls.
In addition, children are more vulnerable to the negative effects of various harmful substances contained in drinking water. Unwanted chemical compounds pollute the child’s body to a greater extent than an adult. Children cope much worse with various toxic substances, so toxins are especially dangerous for their health and can lead to irreversible damage.
Water in the human body is actively involved in the process of digesting food and ensuring normal nutrition of cells. Lack of fluid causes the body to extract water from its own cells. The result is thickening and decay of blood. Doctors recommend drinking a glass of purified water shortly before eating. This is especially important to remember for lovers of acid-forming products - bread, sugar, meat. Pure drinking water containing only nutrients can even mitigate the effects of nutritional errors and prevent disruption of the body’s normal activities.
The pledge of health - clean water.
Regular boiled tap water is “dead”, with no beneficial substances, and in some cases with harmful impurities. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to “extract” a living, useful liquid. This will help you a little piece of shungite. The mineral has a high sorption activity to the pathogenic microflora, in other words, it disinfects drinking water, kills E. coli. It has been scientifically established that fullerene, located in shungite, is a powerful and long-lasting natural antioxidant, therefore, the key to longevity. The mineral can be used to prepare drinking water, both from the flow system and from the well.
It is very easy to clean the liquid with a mineral: just immerse it in a container, draw water for a day. The next day she is ready to eat.
Drink the correct water with the whole family and stay healthy!