Headaches - verdict or challenge?

Headache, be it spontaneous, growing, sharp, aching, throbbing or pressing, occurs in the life of any person, but without a reason it happens quite rarely. Almost always, she warns of a crash in the body or its susceptibility to harmful factors. It is quite difficult to identify the true cause of headaches, given the large list of diseases and disorders that provoke it, but it is quite possible to do this if you take into account your own sensations and accompanying signs in the diagnosis.

The reasons:
• Organic brain disease
• Vascular (migraine, arterial hypertension, vegetative-vascular distansion)
• Psychogenic (due to stress, emotional or physical strain)
• Cerebral (various infections, failure in the metabolic process)

Adverse factors causing the headache include: abrupt climate change or meteorological conditions; environmental pollution by harmful vapors, toxins, carbon monoxide; substandard food, which contains a high concentration of monosodium glutamate and nitrite; emotional fatigue on the background of frequent stressful situations; alcohol abuse and hangover syndrome as a result; long stay in the sun.

Do not forget that any disease should be treated by a doctor, and not independently. As an additional therapy, you can use the following tips:

1. Daily exercise. Yes, however banal it may sound, but the charging performed in the system brings truly excellent results. Muscle clamps that can provoke a headache leave.
2. Frequent walks in the fresh air.
3. Regular drinking mode, BUT! Properly purified liquid.
Water passed through shungite filter has a general healing effect on the body, removes irritation, itching, rash, restores hair shine, is effective in vegetative-vascular dystonia, and in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Purification of water under the action of the mineral occurs due to the chemical activity of schungite: all organic impurities in the liquid under its influence decompose to simple oxides, and the insoluble residues - translates into water residue. In addition to the purification, the reaction of the so-called activation of water occurs - saturation of the fluid with useful macro- and microelement components (calcium, magnesium salts, etc.) in the optimum concentration for humans.
4. Take care of your neck! It is in it that there are many vessels and capillaries that transfer oxygenated blood to the brain. Even a small clamping of the neck muscles can result in a long migraine. Therefore, when staying in a sitting position for a long time, use a special roller or pillow (as recommended by a doctor).

Use recommendations as preventive measures to avoid visiting doctors! All health!