The best gift - a gift made by hand?

Gifts are always a pleasure not only to receive, but also to give. A gift made with your own hands carries a piece of your energy, love and care. To receive such a gift is doubly pleasant. We have prepared for you several options for homemade gifts that are easy to make yourself!
1. Bookmarks for books from funny photos. Delight your grandparents with original bookmarks made from grandchildren's photos.
2. A vase in the form of a coffee cup. Such a gift will love any fan of coffee.
You will need:
- ordinary mug;
- coffee beans ;
- cotton pads;
- white thread;
- brown acrylic paint;
- glue (hot or superglue).
Glue cotton pads to the circle (cover the entire surface of the circle with cotton discs). Wind the "cotton" mug with a thread. Apply a brown acrylic paint (over cotton pads and thread). Now start sticking coffee beans. To avoid empty seats, glue the cup with two layers of grains. Decorate your cup with ribbon or lace.
3. Shungite beads or bracelet. A product that carries not only the idea of ​​decoration, but also protection from harmful radiation, harmonization of the surrounding space and normalization of life processes in the body.
To make shungit jewelry yourself, you just need to buy beads and a special fishing line. Then, to give free rein to your imagination, combining various sizes of beads and, of course, during beadworking, think about the good, wish the person health, so that the product is filled with positive energy!
4. Statuette of balancing stones. Over the past few years, the construction of pyramids from balancing stones has become a special ritual based on the principles of meditation. The followers of this ritual believe that the ancient stones become a reflection of ourselves in the course of life. The process of building stones one after another can normalize psychological stagnation, improve mood. To master the technique of stone balance, you will need shungite pebbles, glue (only in the initial stages) and fantasy. You can independently create a “tower” as a gift, or present a set to the recipient and explain the sequence of work.