Energy sphere

 The sphere is the most economical form, respectively, it has the smallest surface. The variety of ball forms is found in nature: raindrops, berries, fruits, fish eggs, eggs, molecules, atoms, planets, etc. The form of the ball are also huge clots of incandescent matter. Throughout all centuries, people have sought to unity, stability and excellence. One of the traditional symbols of this ideal for people around the world has become a circle. The circle has no beginning or end. It is equally open in all directions.
From the point of view of eniology - the science of energy-information exchange in nature and society - domes and vaults have the property of the distribution of electrical stress concentrations. Round forms are characterized by a uniform field without significant stress zones and pathogenic anomalies, unlike angles, especially close to 90 degrees. Man in all ages and to this day subconsciously connected the divine energies with spherical surfaces, reflecting this consciousness in religious buildings: churches, minarets, mosques, etc.
In Eastern countries, this symbol is still given a significant place in human life and health. In the 14th century in China, during the time of the imperial Ming dynasty, balls were widely used in elite circles to develop manual dexterity during the development of martial arts, increase mobility of joints, and also to develop coordination and concentration.
Spherein the house.
Shungite sphere is a reliable shield from the negative impact of geopathic effects. Studies show that if a person is located near a geopathic zone, then his health imperceptibly deteriorates: frequent headaches, dizziness, as well as weakness and even panic attacks occur. It is very difficult to check whether you are close to such an impact, because in the modern world ecological integrity has long been violated.
The figure not only has an aesthetically attractive appearance, but also is capable of harmonizing space, protecting it from electromagnetic waves, charging it with useful energy, and improving the aura in the room. Placing the ball in your workplace or at home, you will feel an improvement in health and emotional state.