Shungite room

Recently it has become fashionable to visit schungite rooms. This is a room where the floor, walls and ceiling are fully lined with schungite tiles. One session lasts about 30-40 minutes. A person is not allowed to use mobile gadgets, he is left alone with himself, listening to soothing, pleasant music. They say that after passing the course of such procedures, you can significantly improve your health. Is it so?
What happens to a person in a shungite room?
It has long been known that shungite rocks perfectly reflect the negative effects of electromagnetic waves. In everyday life to hide from them is almost impossible! The “black” room provides such an opportunity; it protects a person from radiation and exposure to geopathic zones. The energy space in such a room is even and calm, therefore the morale improves and the potential of vital forces increases.
The mineral is also known for its bactericidal properties, so the air in the shungite room not only does not have pathogenic bacteria, but is also saturated with beneficial microelements! A person who breathes shungite air at the same time absorbs the components necessary for a healthy organism. It also reduces the cure time for various diseases, sometimes very serious ones. The body is easier to cope with various ailments.
Indicators for visiting shungite room:
* Insomnia;
* Stress;
* Depression;
* Low immunity;
* Fast fatiguability;
* Chronic diseases;
* Nervous states;
* Loss of vital energy.
After the course of procedures, the internal reserves of the body are activated and mobilized to strengthen and restore health, the mind and body come into a harmonious state.
If there is no such service in your city, you can purchase shungite tiles for wall cladding or harmonizers in a room that will protect your health and emotional state every day.