History reference


Shungite is a unique natural material for several reasons:
• It is unusual in origin,
• on the structure of its carbon;
• the structure of the rocks themselves.

It can be said that shungite is a natural nanotechnological material, the useful properties of which have not been studied today enough to apply shungite actively and with high benefits in everyday life of every person, including as a means of effective healing.

The first information about the medical properties of schungite contain historical documents of the beginning of the XVII century. In those days, Tsarina Marfa Ivanovna (the boyar Ksenia Romanova, mother of Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich) lived in exile in Zaonezhie, in Tolvui pogost. She suffered from painful seizures that nearly led to her death. The boyar owes her salvation from her illness to the Karelian peasants, who discovered to her “a spring infused on a black stone,” that is, schungite water. Residents of the surrounding villages have long been, from generation to generation, were treated by its waters.
Thanks to the miraculous power of “living” water, the boyar not only got rid of the disease, but later was even able to produce a healthy baby. The latter was a great joy for the queen, because all her children - and there were seven of them! - died in infancy. Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov, born in Zaonezhie, not only successfully reached maturity, but also became the founder of a new dynasty that existed for more than three centuries.

in 1714, when founding a copper smelter in Zaonezhie near the village of Tolvuy, in 1714, he learned from one of his workers, who had healed miraculously from a serious illness, about the existence of a healing source and immediately ordered the beginning of thorough research of this spring shungite deposits. In 1717–1719, the lab physicians R. Areskin and L. Blumentrost were engaged in studying the composition of marcial waters on the instructions of Peter I, who recognized the waters as useful for treating a number of diseases.

Soon, making sure personally of the healing properties of the schungite spring, Peter I began construction in Karelian Zaonezhye, the first resort in Russia called “Marcial Waters”. The name was given by Peter I in honor of the god of war Mars, since the main patients of the resort built by him were at first sick and wounded soldiers of the Russian army. In addition, Peter I ordered all his soldiers to carry a piece of shungite with them on military campaigns, thanks to which the royal warriors could receive drinking water that was disinfected by dropping pieces of disinfecting mountain mineral shungite on pots with water. Putting shungite pieces into pots of water, the soldiers received decontaminated water with a pleasant taste, similar to spring water.