Instructions for good mood


On the eve of winter, many people with trepidation expect the first snow, beautiful snow landscapes and, of course, the upcoming holidays. But the less time remains until the end of the year, the more worries appear, both at work and at home. The body suffers not only from domestic stress, but also from a lack of vitamins. He needs time to rebuild the winter mode, to accumulate power. The power of our body needs to be increased and maintained in such a difficult period. Rapidly advancing fatigue indicates the need for additional recharge, rest, requires an increased amount of vitamins.
At such a time, it is very important to build your schedule in such a way that every day it contains a “for a good mood” item. Let's try to bring out a few rules that will help you get a good mood.
1. New hobby. An interesting passion should become daily and completely absorb you: the search for new music, interesting records, unique interviews or modern poet and so on.
2. Mandatory conversation with the closest and dearest. In the bustle, we often forget to call the mother or husband (wife) and ask about the health and mood. It is not difficult to guess that a daily, let a short call to a loved one will strengthen your relationship and create a solid, good atmosphere in the family.
3. Walking in the fresh air (if possible). If you do not have time for walks at all, then try to appreciate even small appearances on the street. For example, to go not to a large supermarket by car, but to walk to the nearest store.
4. Shungite bath. We collect warm water with pieces of shungite, turn on pleasant music and arrange scented candles. Preparing for this procedure does not take much time, but it will make the process more pleasant compared to an ordinary shower.
5. After taking a bath, go to foot massage with shungite pebbles. To do this, you just need to pour the stones into a container, cover them with warm water and start massage by walking on them.
6. Massage can be replaced by working with harmonizers. Harmonizers are objects that restore the human energy bio-field and harmonize the surrounding space. Their main task is to restore balance and activate the body. Working with them relieves fatigue, stress, headaches and improves the overall condition. Take the shungite harmonizer of Yin energy in your left hand, and the right hand - Yang. Take a comfortable position, relax all your muscles, turn on pleasant music. Put your hands with harmonizers on your knees, close your eyes and concentrate on your own feelings. The duration of the procedure is from 5 to 15 minutes.

You are the designer of your mood, smile more often and do not succumb to autumn boredom!