Rock garden


A rock garden is a hill made of stones and plants in a certain place on a garden plot. The composition got its name from the Alps. They inspired landscape designers to create objects in artificial conditions.

Rock gardens will decorate even the smallest, unsightly site. In order not to use the services of designers, you can create an object yourself.

1. The choice of location. This is the most important point, because it depends on the development of plants that form the basis of the composition. Playground for slides should be clearly visible from any point of the site, most of the day to be under the sun. South side will be the best solution. But you should always focus on the existing objects on the lawn. Good illumination is an important condition.

2. Orientation to other shrubs, trees. Rock garden is not located in the shade of landings.

3. Neighborhood of plants in the composition should be pre-planned. Take into account all the requirements for the care of flowers and the time of their germination (it should be about the same).

4. Choose a facing stone. For example, shungite. After all, it not only has an unusual color, but also has a number of properties that will prolong the life and flowering of plants.

5. Design a slide on paper in advance, think over possible options, forms and types of plants.

Consider the styles of rock gardens:
* European. Consists of slow-flowering plants whose life cycles occur at different times of the year. This hill will be year-round alternately to bloom and delight the eye. Naturally, only in a specific climate.
* Japanese - a combination of short, bright, but long-flowering plants. Their shades should be contrasted. Stones are laid loosely.
* English - more strict style with the inclusion of conifers. The shape of the stones is sharp or with fancy offshoots.
* Czech. Very technical execution of the construction: facing is not stones, but plates, which are laid on the ribs like a mosaic. Flowers are planted in the space between the tiles according to the given pattern.

As soon as the alpine slide is planned, the style is chosen, you can proceed to its execution. Do not forget that the earthen elevation is first laid out, and only then it turns into an aesthetic object that will create a unique atmosphere in the garden.