Shungite for a sauna

 With the onset of cold weather, the human body requires more warmth and care. It is very susceptible to the effects of seasonal viruses, quickly overcooling and getting sick. One of the best ways to warm your body is a bath or sauna. What could be better than a hot steam room in rainy weather?
One of the most important components of a steam room is a well-chosen sauna stone. The condition of the person during heating and after depends on the quality of the material used.
Stones used for laying in electric furnaces must meet the following requirements:
* The ability to quickly heat and retain heat;
* Reliability of the material;
* Security;
* The correct size and shape;
* Additional properties (healing, bactericidal, etc.)
Shungite stones meet the above requirements, therefore they will reliably last and easily fit into the interior of the bath. Due to the heat of shungite rock, the walls, shelves and steam room of the sauna are heated to the required temperature, and when watering the stones they form high-temperature steam.
Advantages of schungite rubble:
1. High heat capacity;
2. Wear resistance;
3. Durability;
4. High strength (tensile strength up to 150 MPa);
5. When heated, it produces beneficial trace elements and disinfects the air.
Before use, the stones should be inspected for minor damage, select stones of approximately the same size, rinse them with water from dust and dry. When laying in the oven should leave a small gap for air circulation.