Happiness for your feet

 Childhood is a special time in a person's life, when there are no conventions, strict restrictions in actions, you can live under the influence of your own emotions. For example, run barefoot in the morning on the dewy grass, laugh for a long time, jump, sincerely rejoice at the rising sun or the rainbow that appeared after a heavy rain ... What prevents an adult from doing this? In fact, nothing but their own internal restrictions! Try to get the same emotions in the summer, get up early in the morning and walk on that very grass with bare feet, what unique emotions you will get!
And what to do at another time of year when there is no grass? Walk on pebbles at home. The healing power of walking barefoot on stones has long been known to all mankind. There are special zones on the foot, each of which is responsible for an organ or even a system of the human body. A person walking barefoot on stones, grass, without noticing that, massages many internal organs and causes blood to circulate evenly throughout the body. Do not forget that this is also a very pleasant procedure, which is ideally complemented by pleasant music. Not every one of us will take medications to simply increase the efficiency of the immune system, improve the psycho-emotional state. Walking on stones is a great way to fill your body with health. Essential benefits for the feet themselves, because in the process of such walking all the bones and joints that are not involved in everyday life begin to work.
Stone foot massage at home.
To do this, you need to take ready-made sets for foot massage, pour it into a basin and fill it with warm water - and your massager is ready. Also, shungite is able to relieve pain, has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system, charges the body with energy, increases efficiency, eliminates fatigue.
 Go to your health! The duration of the procedure is no more than half an hour, but every day and better - year-round.