Drinking mode

 The drinking regime is commonly understood as a rational order of water consumption. Proper drinking regime provides a normal water-salt balance and creates favorable conditions for the life of the body. The balance of water, in turn, implies that the human body in the process of vital activity receives from the outside and releases the same amount of water. When this balance is disturbed in one direction or another, changes occur, including serious violations of the process of vital activity.
It was established that the daily water requirement for an adult is 30-40 g per 1 kg of body weight. On average, it is considered that a person consumes a total of 2.5 liters of water per day and the same amount is excreted from the body. For children's health, the problem of "clean" water is much more acute than in adults. In children, the daily rate of fluid is 3-5 times more than adults. In addition, the constantly growing organism is very sensitive to various kinds of harmful and toxic substances.
In the daily diet of a person there are enough liquid foods, besides the water itself. Tea, coffee, milk, compotes and juices also compensate for the loss of liquid and a little bit of pure water remains - a couple of glasses. Nutritionists recommend careful selection of liquids, there is a light broth, drink fresh juices diluted with water. With such a tasty drink like coffee it is worth being extremely careful, as it dehydrates the body. For one cup of strong drink is to drink 1 cup of pure water.
How to enter drinking mode?
Do not dramatically increase the volume of fluid consumed. The body needs to get used to the new regime of drinking, so even a glass of water should not be drunk in one gulp, but rather distributed over several approaches. You should never torture your body, so instead of drinking through force, you should think about the proper organization of the regime. Also, you should drink constantly throughout the day so that the body does not experience a lack of fluid. With this approach, efficiency increases, health improves, effectively undergo metabolic processes.
Where to get clean water?
There are many ways to purify drinking water: boiling, settling, freezing, carbon filters, silver. Consider a special, reliable way - with the help of the mineral shungite. It is able not only to purify water from heavy metals and toxic elements, but also to disinfect it, saturate it with useful microelements, and reduces its hardness. To clean three liters of water, take a ready-made set of elite shungite, weighing about 150 grams, put in a vessel with boiled water. Infuse the liquid for no more than two days and the water is ready for use. Do not drink the liquid at the bottom of the vessel, precipitation accumulates in it.
Do not be lazy to cook and use real clean water. This is a small step towards good health.