Facing the fireplace and stove

 The stove or fireplace in the house creates warmth and comfort. How nice to sit by a warm spring, listen to the crackle of firewood and drink delicious tea surrounded by loved ones. Any stove should be refined so that it has a complete look and complements the interior. There are many ways of facing: brick, ceramic, terracotta or clinker tiles, majolica, granite tiles, tiles and natural stone. The choice of material depends on the existing interior.
One of the most durable and reliable methods is facing with a natural stone, as it is not exposed to chemical, thermal effects, is reliable and uniquely beautiful, suitable for any environment. It is necessary to carefully understand the question of choosing a stone. Recently, shungite tiles have been used very often due to their unusual color and unique protective properties.
Environmental friendliness, durability, durability, compliance with all the requirements of the furnace device - these are the main characteristics that allow the use of natural stone for lining furnaces and fireplaces. This decor looks beautiful, elegant, luxurious. Of course, the cost of natural stone is quite high, so not all owners of the furnace can afford such a finish.
Shungite tiles come in various sizes, polished and unpolished, each tile is unique in its own way, so creating a unique look of the furnace is easy. The plus of this lining is in the heat-absorbing ability of the stone: it warms up evenly, absorbs excess heat energy, which is then slowly released into the room.
The furnace, lined with schungite tiles, will fit into any interior, last longer and will not leave anyone indifferent!