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About shungite

To all mankind for a long time the curative force of walking barefoot on stones for a long time is known. On the foot there are special zones, each of which is responsible for the organ or even the system of the human body.

Let's see what harmonizers, since so many manufacturers offer such an interesting piece. And what they do, how to use them.
Harmonizer used for a long time, in ancient Egypt, but they were called completely different "staffs of Pharaoh."

Forest, water, stone - three elements of Karelian nature. Each of them silently keeps its history, its secret, the birth legend. If trees, streams or rocks could speak ...
"Once in my childhood, 2 billion years ago, I was the bottom mud of some ancient sea, Mr. Shungite would tell.

Magical properties possessed by schungite breeds have become very widely used nowadays. The properties possessed by shungit does not have more than one stone, not a single fossil. Virtually all of the beneficial properties of scientists have described and given scientific explanation.

Black stone of coal color is known in Karelia since time immemorial. Even the Zaonezhie peasants noticed that the black lands are especially fertile and tried to use these properties.

Shungite used in a very broad goals. It is useful for the body, helps to cope with all sorts of diseases, it is used in agriculture, food, cosmetic purposes, and more. But it is also very popular to use schungite rubble for foot massage.

In ancient times people always attached great importance to stones. They believed that stones can absorb bad, unhealthy energy and sate the good. They were used to treat wounds, relaxation. Even during the battles, the soldiers carried certain stones with them.

Quite an interesting question is how to properly wash Shungite mineral? Having read a lot of advice, literature, you've probably come across that in most cases the Council shungit rinse under running water and this should be sufficient. It must be remembered that because of the way you will wash shungit will depend on water quality and healing properties that you get in the end.

Water is the strongest natural solvent. Shungite, hitting the aquatic environment, enters with chemical interaction with water. Water, infused into the shungite, is purified from various harmful organic and inorganic substances (phenol, benzene, pesticides, chlorine, heavy metals, etc.), as well as bacteria.

All properties that has shungit been known for a long time and have been widely used for many years. This mineral is not coming out of the application and to date. Many people insist water from shungit in the future, it is used for the treatment, prevention, and other domestic purposes.

Karelian black stone shungite is known to locals since time immemorial. However, the first episodic descriptions of the rocks of the "black Olonets land" were made only in the 18th century. Even Peter I knew the useful properties of the "slate stone", so they called shungite.

Many people tell us how to do shungite water, but not many people know that the wrong approach, you may lose the best healing qualities of the mineral. At the wrong approach, you not only get the desired result, but also can hurt yourself. Let's look at what the most popular mistakes allowed the preparation of water.

Amulets are sacral objects that have been known since the time of primitive society. People felt that some things are able to give strength to a person, to hide it from someone else's negative impact. In the modern world, the amulets of their properties have not lost.

A very large number of useful properties has shungite. But not all people know how to make it come to you with 100% benefit. Shungite baths - that's the most popular way. But how to do them correctly, and how they are so useful, many do not know. Therefore it is necessary to understand it in more detail.

About the Karelian phenomenon - shungite - written various articles and even books, there are many conjectures, legends and myths. But what is this miracle really? Why shungite has incredible healing properties?
It's time for answers to turn to science.

Shungite therapy is a new universal massage technique using natural stones, which is based on ancient Oriental rites and practices. The uniqueness of the technology lies in the fact that this therapy has a beneficial effect on absolutely any organism, regardless of age, gender and existing diseases.

A person is 70% water, which we learned in biology lessons. And, of course, we saturate the body with moisture from birth. But how to drink water correctly? And what water to drink, and from what it is worth to refrain?

Shungite - Precambrian rock, which is a transitional stage from anthracite to graphite. It occurs in black, dark gray and brown.

Named after the village of Shunga in Karelia. Electrically conductive.

Today we will learn how to choose a biolocation pendulum and apply it correctly.
What is it? The pendulum is a suspension in the form of a cone.

Shungites and human safety . Proceedings of the First All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference . Petrozavodsk , 2007 .

Shungites - rocks, got its name from the Karelian village Shunga initially attracted attention as a possible energy fuel . But attempts to burn them , fortunately, were not successful.

The pyramid is a common architectural form, inherited from ancient civilizations. The pyramids were built like religious buildings: temples, monuments, tombs. Energy pyramids repeat the pyramids of architecture.

Shungit - ancient carbonaceous rocks with an age of about 2 billion years. Schungite carbon solid residue is the oldest oil and shungite Zazhoginsky - petrified organo-silicate (silicone) gel. The breed derives its name - "Zhung" 130 years ago, but until recently has not been used, ie was not the minerals. Actively enter into the economic life begins only shungite XXI century.

Merlin Monroe said that the best friends of the girls are diamonds. Every woman dreams of looking good and being in the center of attention, so the love of beauty in the beautiful half of humanity is literally encoded in genes, and family jewelry is passed down from generation to generation.

Geopathic zones are local geophysical anomalies in the form of weak electromagnetic fields of the Earth of natural origin, as well as man-made origin (associated with human activity).

Harmonizers are objects capable of restoring the energy balance of a person, bringing forces into balance, beneficially influencing a person's biofield, normalizing the work of the whole organism as a whole.

Radon, under normal conditions - a colorless inert gas, radioactive, can be dangerous to health and life. At room temperature is one of the heavier gases.

Shungite attracts many people and it is no coincidence, as this elite breed that has the most remarkable qualities. There is not just an ordinary shungit, but it is still a luxury. How do they differ we will deal in this article.

Any thing, any material object of those around us has a certain amount of radionuclides (not related to the nuclear industry) that can decompose and emit ionizing radiation - the proverbial radiation.

Most importantly, what has shungit is its density. The average density of the mineral shungite can be about 2.25 - 2.84 grams per square centimeter. Now you need to figure out what should have shungit density to be perfect?

Electromagnetic radiation (electromagnetic waves) - distributed in space perturbation (change of state) of the electromagnetic field (ie, interacting electric and magnetic fields).